Purposeful Passion

We can spend our days in distractions and what ifs! Or we can decide to surrender our passions to God for His Purpose. I have spent enough time answering to others' opinion of what they think I should accomplish in my life. See, I was unsure of what I wanted to accomplish. Have you ever been unsure? Have your ever felt stuck? I have and I can tell you, until you make a conscious choice to move forward in purpose you will remain stagnated.

Why do we doubt ourselves? Why do we compare ourselves with others' accomplishments? Would you rather be a pacesetter? I have made the decision for the month of August to accomplish my purpose with a passionate drive to be satisfied with who I am and whose I am!

God has made me to succeed in all areas of my life! Success may not always look the way I think it should look; but as long as God gives me breathe I am successful. I pray the same for you. Today, look to God for His Purpose and Plan in your life!

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